Customer Holla at La Jollay

ClientHollaatLaJolla is at long last finished!! We've been chipping away at this house for as far back as 2 years and it's the best feeling that we have upbeat customers at last.

When we began, this house was a little cottage. The customers had plans to crush it down to the ground and begin starting with no outside help

Scaled down Home Updates :: A Bathroom Refresh

Prior this fall I chose that as opposed to handling any one fundamental room in the house, I'd rather do a few small scale home updates that would enable us to complete off the primary floor of our home.

Since I've gained some ground on our family room designs (couch is requested as are a couple of different things that I'm recently attending to), I've proceeded onward to the following undertaking: our restroom!


As though the primary day of September wasn't sufficiently sign that fall is headed, today the climate in Seattle rolled out an uncommon improvement to dark skies and rain, which is influencing me to need to cozify EVERYTHING. Thus, I chased down a comfortable inside to coordinate my mind-set for our Room of the Week! This new, yet comfortable present day nation style living space with warm, worn woods and a lot of white is giving me genuine motivation for the lounge room makeover I'm anticipating this fall.

I've quite been an enthusiast of these daybeds as couches, and their profundity helps round out this wide space pleasantly